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  • Exceptional customer service, tailored to your needs, at a fair price - that's Teamed.

  • Real people, no bots: Forget automated responses; when you reach out, you'll connect with a genuine member of our team.

  • Switching EORs made easy: Migrating your global workforce isn't just a process — with Teamed it's a bespoke journey guided by our experts.

  • Continued support, for every step: From your first day with Teamed through expansions, transitions, or scaling down—your success is our promise.

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Easy transition to the EOR with best support


Planning the transfer

Gathering employment terms from the client ahead of onboarding and discussing details of any existing benefits & confirming total costs


Resignation & rehiring

Once your employees have their final date with the current EOR, we can begin the onboarding process



We arrange 1:1 onboarding calls with your employees and begin to draft locally compliant contracts


Final Review

We complete all remaining administrative tasks to ensure payroll and benefit registration

"At Teamed, we place your needs and the well-being of your employees at the heart of everything we do. One of the main reasons clients choose to switch to us is the dedicated support we provide. "

Ewelina Sadzik

Customer Success Manager

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Frequently asked questions

What does an employee migration plan include?

Our employee migration plan is customised for each individual, considering their unique circumstances and locations. This proactive involvement allows us to swiftly map out paths and begin crafting a plan that aligns perfectly with your needs.

To ensure this tailored approach, we start conversations with you at the earliest stage, even before you commit to Teamed. By getting involved early, we help boost confidence among our clients and their employees, guarantee that everything is covered, and facilitate a smoother transition.

How long does the migration take?

Our migration timelines vary based on several factors, such as how quickly you need to transfer your employees or the notice period with your current Employer of Record (EoR).

These details will be included in the migration plan and discussed during the kick-off call with your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

What kind of support can I expect from Teamed during and after the migration?

At Teamed, we're committed to delivering the highest quality of service to you and your team. We understand that choosing a partner for global employment is a significant decision. That's why we place your needs and the well-being of your employees at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, we support you every step of the way.

You'll have your own dedicated account manager not only during the onboarding and migration process but also afterward.

In the meantime, our onboarding team will look after your employees throughout the initial onboarding and migration process. Once that's complete, each employee will be introduced to a dedicated operations specialist to guide and support them on their ongoing journey.

What do you need from my employees?

We begin the onboarding process with individual calls between your employees and our team to discuss personal circumstances and address any queries they might have.

Once all concerns are resolved, employees will be asked to resign from their current EOR. Following this, we'll prepare their contracts and send them to you for review.

After your approval, the contracts will be sent to the employees for their review and signature. Once signed, everything is all set.

Can we offer the employee the same benefits and terms as their previous EOR?

When it comes to offering your employees the same terms of employment and the same benefits, this is absolutely top of our priority.

We begin this process early, even before we start engaging with your employees. Our Operations and Legal teams consult with you to make sure everything from your employees' current contracts can be smoothly transferred to Teamed. By starting these conversations early, we ensure that all benefits are transferred seamlessly.

Starting early helps us guarantee a seamless move and a better experience for your employees as they switch to a new EOR.

If our existing benefits don't align with your benefit schemes, we will collaborate with our partners to identify and deliver the most suitable benefits for your employees.

When it comes to offering your employees the same terms of employment and the same benefits, this is absolutely top of our priority.”—Ewelina Sadzik, Customer Success Manager at Teamed.

No remote employee


feel like a second-

class citizen

No remote employee


feel like a second-

class citizen

Our founder, Antony, a Frenchman living in Brexit-era London, was acutely aware of the challenges of hiring cross-border employees. Not only was it costly, time-consuming and complex, but all too often remote employees felt like second-class citizens.

Teamed set out on a mission to enable companies and employees to embrace the benefits and opportunities that come with global employment—making it easier than ever to hire, pay and take care of a remote workforce. Today, we're helping over 220 companies build the greatest teams on earth, hiring the best employees based on merit, not location or background.

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