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Anil Kumar


“We looked at Deel, Remote, Oyster… the lot. Teamed offered the same product at a lower price. In fact, that’s not fair. It’s a better product because the customer service goes way beyond what the others offer, and they never charge extra fees.”

Rachel Blezard


“What would have been a complex, costly and long drawn out process was made simple, and dare I say a pleasurable experience.”

Michael Cole

People Operations Lead, MyTutor

“Teamed has definitely helped us transform our hiring process. It allows us to cast the net so much further and target talent we know will be beneficial to our business, regardless of where they are based! ”

Amanda Masuku

HR & Resourcing Associate, CT:

“In terms of  onboarding new employees   and getting contracts signed, we just need to provide Teamed with some key information and then they take care of the rest on our behalf. Essentially, they handle all the onboarding details that would have felt like an administrative nightmare for us before.",

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In the wake of the Covid pandemic, MyTutor faced a pressing challenge: how to retain their talent pool amidst a rapidly changing work landscape.

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With Luganodes’ solution ticking so many boxes for global clients, fast-paced growth was imminent. However, this posed a challenge for Luganodes.

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CT faced a difficult challenge when trying to recruit audit and business advisory professionals who aligned with their business objectives.

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With plans to expand across Europe, Tekever faced challenges with local hiring and compliance.

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Your employees have a dedicated agent to guide them through every stage.

International payroll

Compliantly handling international payroll and simplifying global transactions.

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Our in country legal experts ensure reliable onboarding for your team.

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Move your employees to Teamed with a personalised migration plan.

Our competitive pricing may grab your attention, but it's our dedicated account managers who keep your employees happy.

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"Support for our candidates was hugely important. We wanted a solution that felt like just another branch of what we do internally but took care of things that are outside of our expertise. For this, Teamed delivers on all fronts!"

Marta Silva

HR Business Partner Space, Tekever

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"No hitches, all straight forward and without a hefty price tag! Thank you!”

Julia Mardell

Operations Director, Classic Folios

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