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  • You recruit the best talent anywhere.
  • We take care of your international HR, compliance and payroll.
  • You can focus on what matters: growing your business.
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Employing staff in other countries can be challenging.
We got this.

To compliantly recruit staff in other countries, you need local resources and expertise. Teamed takes care of it all, from legal entities and employment contracts to payroll, benefits, cross-border payments and tax.

The Teamed platform takes the hard work out of managing international employment.

Our platform enables you to compliantly hire, onboard and manage your remote team, anywhere.

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The Teamed Platform

It’s a breeze.

Our platform collects the necessary data and performs the right checks to produce dual-language compliant employment contracts within minutes. You sign and store the documents securely on the platform.

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Your global talent is employed by our own local legal entities. All country-specific labour laws, including IP and confidentiality are embedded in our processes, giving you complete peace of mind.


No problem.

We process payroll and handle taxes. We automate salary payments in local currencies. You have complete visibility via the Teamed platform.

We invoice you once a month in the currency of your choice.


We look after your team.
You retain talent.

We partner with best-in-class local benefits providers to offer benchmark packages to your team. We suggest, you decide. All via the platform.

We offer your team our support with any local employment-related matters. More time for you to focus on business.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

With zero setup fees and a simple setup process, you can be onboarding new international staff in minutes.

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of total employment cost

No hidden costs. Just a monthly fee that enables you to build your best global team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Once you’ve signed our Master Service Agreement, we’ll invite you to the Teamed platform. You can then employ your teams anywhere within 24h.
What does Teamed manage for me?
Teamed is your international teams’ Employer of Record. We provide and handle the employment contract in multi-languages, we manage the onboarding process, provide the benefits options, run payroll and ensure full compliance.
What can I control as an employer?
You have full control over all parameters of the employment contract, as long as meeting the country-specific requirements provided by us.
How does Teamed make things easy for me?
You don’t have to contract a corporate lawyer to establish in each country you have talents in. You don’t have to contract an employment lawyer to draw a compliant contract. You don’t have to open a local bank account. You don’t have to assign a local Director. You don’t have to contract an accountant to run payroll. You don’t have to get everything translated and certified. You don't have to worry about compliance. You get all this, self-served on our platform, immediately and for a fraction of the cost.
How does billing work?
You receive 1 invoice per month in the currency of your choice, for all the talent you employ around the world through Teamed.
What benefits and perks can you offer my employees?
We partner with benchmark benefits suppliers in each country and leverage volumes to access benefits you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.
Can you help with contractors too?
We can, as a complimentary service. We can handle your contractors invoices, wherever they are, pay them in the currency of their choice and invoice you once a month just the same way as for your employees, with no fees on top. We also store all documents on the platform too.
What countries do you support?
We currently can employ talents in 12 countries: Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, India, Ireland and UK. We recently opened USA and Canada.