Onboard with Ease

First impressions do last, especially in remote teams. We offer a 1-1 onboarding process that takes care of everything — from holiday bookings to payroll setup. Focus on culture and performance, while we handle the logistics.

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Global Payments

Forget the worries associated with multi-currency transactions. Your team gets paid in their local currency, on time, every time. And with our transparent, agreed-upon fees, you'll never face hidden costs.

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(Human) Support

Global employment doesn't need to stress you out — and with Teamed, you're not alone. Our team of local experts and your dedicated Customer Success Manager act as an extension to your team.

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Single Hub for Global Employment

Managing a global team shouldn't mean juggling multiple platforms. With Teamed, you have an unified system that covers contracts, payroll, benefits, and more. Navigate with ease, thanks to our user friendly and intuitive design.

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Compliance, Simplified

Global employment laws are ever-changing. That's why our legal experts and local partners provide you with contracts that are not just up-to-date but tailored to meet the local regulations. Rest easy, knowing you're fully compliant and primed for growth.

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Tech that delivers,
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Employment, payroll, compliance. All-in-one.
24/5 support  •  24HR Onboarding
Global Payroll

A flexible solution. Pay your team in 50+ currencies.

Local benefits

From tech set-up to employee stock options.


Always. We don’t cut
corners or take short cuts.

Global HR

Local experiences for
your global employees.

Hassle-free hiring,
without the price tag

Step 1

Kick off call & platform access.

Step 2

1-1 employee onboarding call
with one of our local experts.

Step 3

Contract sent to the employee to be signed and complete. Sorted!

Customers love
the speed & simplicity

"The simplicity of the platform is really helpful. Managing overseas employees feels easy now because of how intuitive the platform is. With other platforms, if it takes us more than 5 clicks to do one tasks, you’ve lost us - so we really appreciate how fast and straightforward Teamed is."

Michael Cole
People Operations Lead, MyTutor

"What would have been a complex, costly and long drawn out process was made simple, and dare I say a pleasurable experience."

Rachel Blezard
Head of People Operations, SpotQA

"Before working with Teamed, we looked into competitors, but Teamed not only offered a better price — they also offered a more exceptional product. The quality and customer service provided by Teamed so far has surpassed what others had to offer."

Anil Kumar
Lead Partnerships, Luganodes

"It felt like we were all speaking from the same narrative, making a challenging process much more manageable."

Shivani Phull
VP of Finance & Investments, Pixelynx

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Once you’ve signed our Master Service Agreement, we’ll invite you to the Teamed platform. You can then onboard your teams in over 150 countries within 24h.

Do you offer discounts at a certain volume of hiring?

We do! Speak to one of our team to discuss your 12-month hiring plan and we will pull together a competitive, bespoke quote for your team.

What does Teamed manage for me?

First and foremost we run global payroll to make sure your team get paid correctly and on time. We also provide multi-language employment contracts, manage the onboarding processes, offer employee benefits options worldwide, and ensure full in-country compliance.

What can I control as an employer?

You have full control over all parameters of the employment contract; however, you must adhere to all country-specific employment regulations provided to you by Teamed.

What benefits can you offer my employees?

We partner with hand-picked providers to offer benchmark benefits around the world providing you with access to the best employee benefits.

How does billing work?

You receive 1 invoice per month in the currency of your choice, for all the talent you employ around the world through the Teamed platform. You will not be charged any additional exchange fees.

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