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Making Global Payroll Simple,
Yet Effective

Payroll isn't just an admin task; it's about keeping your team paid, on time, and in the right way.

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Pay your international team effortlessly

Simplified International Payroll

We help you get payroll right, and not just for the sake of rules:

  • 50+ Currencies: Pay your global teams in their local currencies.

  • Crypto and Fiat: We accept payments in fiat and can pay your team in crypto.

  • Global Reach: Pay your global talent based on their local customs in over 150+ countries.

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Customers love
the speed & simplicity

"With Teamed it actually became much easier than recruiting in the UK! The payroll process was set up to work perfectly with our own system with absolutely no hitches, all straightforward and  without a hefty price tag."

Julia Mardell
Operations Director, Classic Folios

"Teamed allowed us to support payroll functions globally with ease and offer a level of expertise that was greatly needed."

Dan Franklin
Head of Web3, Crypto,Blockchain & NFT, Priority Crypto

"Teamed has empowered us to uphold our dynamic work policy while expanding our operations at the same time. Our South African and Australian colleagues have become indispensable assets, accelerating the pace at which we operate and creating more flexible working arrangements for our UK team members — something we don’t believe would have been possible without Teamed!"

Amanda Masuku
HR & Resourcing Associate, CT:

“Through our working abroad policy, we’ve been able to give employees a flavour for living in a new country and experiencing new things, while still remaining employed by MyTutor.”

Michael Cole
People Operations Lead, MyTutor

Compliance That You Can Count On

We help you get payroll right, and not just for the sake of rules:

  • Contracts? Access them from your dashboard. Tax docs and guidance? Consider it sorted.

  • Misclassification risks and fees? We help you correctly classify employees and contractors.

  • With Teamed as your partner, you'll stay compliant in 150+ countries.

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One  Platform for Global Employment

Keep everything from contracts to payments in one place:

  • Top-tier 24/5 customer service attuned to HR's distinct requirements.

  • A clean audit trail for documents, employees, and payments.

  • An effortless user interface.

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With Teamed growing global remote teams is easy.  
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