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Anil Kumar


“We looked at Deel, Remote, Oyster… the lot. Teamed offered the same product at a lower price. In fact, that’s not fair. It’s a better product because the customer service goes way beyond what the others offer, and they never charge extra fees.”

Rachel Blezard


“What would have been a complex, costly and long drawn out process was made simple, and dare I say a pleasurable experience.”

Michael Cole

People Operations Lead, MyTutor

“Through our working abroad policy, we’ve been able to give employees a flavour for living in a new country and experiencing new things, while still remaining employed by MyTutor. It allows us to cast the net so much further and target talent we know will be beneficial to our business, regardless of where they are based!”

Amanda Masuku

HR & Resourcing Associate, CT:

“In terms of  onboarding new employees   and getting contracts signed, we just need to provide Teamed with some key information and then they take care of the rest on our behalf. Essentially, they handle all the onboarding details that would have felt like an administrative nightmare for us before.",

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Our partners and customers choose us for our flexibility and commitment. Unlike the rest, we are not growing at any cost. We care about each customer and their remote teams.
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Gain access to our extensive partner network, including frequent event invitations, interviews, and collaborative opportunities to connect with a broader business community.

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Benefit from exclusive partner pricing and discounts, enhancing your clients' global reach without escalating their costs.

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Leverage our award-winning customer support and comprehensive compliance solutions to help your clients tap into global talent pools and grow without limits.

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