Refer Teamed and Earn £325

Teamed makes global hiring and payroll fast, easy and compliant so that you can hire anywhere in the world.

How referrals work

Step 1

Identify the Need

Step 2

Make the Referral

Reap the Rewards

Step 3

Share the Love,
Earn the Rewards

Receive a £325 Freedom of Choice Gift Card able to be used at over 5,000 different locations.

Refer now →
  • Find a company or employee who requires an Employer of Record (EOR) for global hiring and payroll.

  • Refer the company or employee to Teamed by submitting the referral form and our team will contact you.

  • Once the new company or hire completes their first month payroll, your bonus is on its way.

Customers love
the speed & simplicity

"Employing abroad actually became much easier than recruiting in the UK! Straight forward and without a hefty price tag."

Julia Mardell
Operations Director, Classic Folios

"Super efficient service with limited involvement on our end!”

Kleodora Brahimi
HR Manager, Velez Managed Services

"Teamed has empowered us to uphold our dynamic work policy while expanding our operations at the same time. Our South African and Australian colleagues have become indispensable assets, accelerating the pace at which we operate and creating more flexible working arrangements for our UK team members — something we don’t believe would have been possible without Teamed!"

Amanda Masuku
HR & Resourcing Associate, CT:

“Through our working abroad policy, we’ve been able to give employees a flavour for living in a new country and experiencing new things, while still remaining employed by MyTutor.”

Michael Cole
People Operations Lead, MyTutor

Let's get Started!

Fill out this form to share your referral with us. We'll reach out to them and keep you updated.

And guess what? Every successful referral means a bonus for you!

Got Questions? We've got answers.

How do I get started?

Starting is easy!

1. Spot a company or individual who's on the lookout for a global Employer of Record (EOR). When looking for referrals, think anyone, doesn't matter whether its businesses, friends or family members looking for an EOR provider.

2. Point them our way by filling out the referral form. We'll be in touch shortly.

3. Once they've wrapped up their initial first months payroll with Teamed, your bonus is heading your way.

It's simple as 1-2-3!

Check out our full T&Cs

When do I see the money?

After the company or individual you've referred wraps up their first payroll cycle with Teamed, you'll be notified by our team and we will pay your reward.

Please remember that sometimes new sign-ups take a while before they actually start working. So, there might be a short wait before your bonus gets processed.

Full details are covered in our T&Cs

Where can I use the Freedom of Choice gift card?

Your gift card can be used at over 5,000 locations and in 100+ countries with major retailers such as Amazon, Nike and Apple. See full list of options here.

What do I earn for a referral?

For every company you refer to us we will give you a £325 Freedom of Choice gift card.

How do I know if my referral turns into a customer?

We're on it. You'll get an email when your referral signs on the dotted line, and another when they're officially part of the Teamed family.

Is there a limit to my referral earnings?

Sky's the limit! With Teamed's referral scheme, there's no capping your earnings. So, keep those referrals coming and watch the rewards stack up.

What if I want to refer a business who wants to jump ship from another EOR platform to Teamed?

No worries there. Our support and operations team will guide them through a seamless transition, saving both time and hassle.

And just to drop in a humble brag – we were crowned the High Performer 2024 for Europe and EMEA 2024.