Refer Teamed and Earn a Bonus

Teamed makes global hiring and payroll fast, easy and compliant so that you can hire anywhere in the world.

How referrals work

Step 1

Identify the Need

Step 2

Make the Referral

Reap the Rewards

Step 3

Share the Love,
Earn the Rewards

From £500 to £1,000 per each successful referral.

Refer now →
  • Find a company or employee who requires an Employer of Record (EOR) for global hiring and payroll.

  • Refer the company or employee to Teamed by submitting the referral form and our team will contact you.

  • Once the new company or hire completes their first 2 months of payroll, your bonus is on its way.

Let's get Started!

Fill out this form to share potential leads with us. We'll reach out to them and keep you updated.

And guess what? Every successful referral means a bonus for you!

Got Questions? We've got answers.

How do I get started?

Starting is easy!

1. Spot a company or individual who's on the lookout for a global Employer of Record (EOR). When looking for referrals, think anyone, doesn't matter whether its businesses, friends or family members looking for an EOR provider.

2. Point them our way by filling out the referral form. We'll be in touch shortly.

3. Once they've wrapped up their initial 2 months of payroll with Teamed, your bonus is heading your way.

It's simple as 1-2-3!

When do I see the money?

After the company or individual you've referred wraps up their first two payroll cycles with Teamed, you'll be notified by our team, we'll get your payment details and your reward is paid. If you're a business, the process is almost the same but instead our paying you to your account, our team will credit your account with us.

Please remember that sometimes new sign-ups take a while before they actually start working. So, there might be a short wait before your bonus gets processed.

What do I earn for a referral?

If you're a Teamed Partner or an External referee, you can receive up to £1,000 for each successful referral.

Our loyal Teamed customers? Enjoy a two-month service fee holiday, maxing out at £1,000 for each successful referral.

And if you're one of our Teamed Platform employees? You're looking at £500 for each successful referral.

How do I know if my rewards turn into customers?

We're on it. You'll get an email when your referral signs on the dotted line, and another when they're officially part of the Teamed family.

Is there a limit to my referral earnings?

Sky's the limit! With Teamed's referral scheme, there's no capping your earnings. So, keep those referrals coming and watch the rewards stack up.

What if I want to refer a business who wants to jump ship from another EOR platform to Teamed?

No worries there. Our support and operations team will guide them through a seamless transition, saving both time and hassle.

And just to drop in a humble brag – we were crowned the best EOR for customer support by RemotePad independent reviews in 2023.