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Whether you're relocating or seeking to join a global company from a remote location, Teamed's Employer of Record (EOR) services are the answer for making your global employment easy.

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With Teamed you can work

from anywhere

you call home

With Teamed you can work from anywhere
you call home

How Does Teamed Work for Employees?

Teamed gives you and your employer access to global hiring without the need of having local entities in your home country. For you as an employee this means that:

When you or your company use an EOR, you are co-employed by Teamed and your employer.
Teamed as the Employer of Record ensures that you're compliantly employed and that you get paid on time.
You get to manage your contract, holiday and pay details through our app, but you day-to-day work is managed by your workplace.
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Seamless Career Options Across Borders

Teamed enables legal and compliant employment, regardless of your local presence.

Keep your current role: Moving abroad doesn't mean leaving your job behind. Teamed can manage the legal and payroll complexities for you. 
Join global teams remotely: Work for international companies without them needing  to have a physical office in your country.
Explore diverse opportunities: Expand your career horizons with remote roles in global companies, supported by Teamed.
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One Solution, Endless Opportunities

With Teamed you can focus on chasing your dreams without worrying about the admin of working internationally. We're on it.

Hassle-free payroll and compliance: Complicated local taxes and currency exchanges? Not with us. We've got your payroll sorted, timely and compliantly.
24/5 support: International employment can be complex, but our team makes it simple for you with human support.
Everything you need In one place: User interface designed for simplicity and ease of use for both HR and employees.

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"Really great onboarding experience, really great sales experience. Your colleagues did an amazing job too. Liking your service so far."

Christoph Netsch

Co-Founder, Alpamayo

Simple Platform For Global Hiring

Whether you're planning a move abroad or eyeing a role in a global company without a local office, Teamed's Employer of Record (EOR) services are here to make it happen, hassle-free.
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With Teamed growing global remote teams is easy.  
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