We’re a people business


Companies choose Teamed for our flexibility and commitment. Unlike the rest, we are not growing at any cost. We care about each customer and their remote teams.


Putting the human back into global HR

Why Teamed? We can tell you our price is super competitive. We can tell you we can onboard within 24-hrs. We can tell you we have one of the best tech platforms. But that's not what makes Teamed unique...

We are
A company that truly cares

Unlike the rest, we are not growing at any cost. No short cuts. No short wins.

We are
An extension of your team

We act with agility & speed - whether it's a last minute bonus or change to your hiring plans.

MARCH 2017
Your employees come first

Don't let remote employees feel second best. From onboarding to offboarding, and everything in between.


No remote employee should feel like a second-class citizen

Our founder, Antony, a Frenchman living in Brexit-era London, was acutely aware of the challenges of hiring cross-border employees. Not only was it costly, time-consuming and complex, but all too often remote employees felt like second-class citizens.

Teamed set out on a mission to enable companies and employees to embrace the benefits and opportunities that come with global employment—making it easier than ever to hire, pay and take care of a remote workforce.

Today, we're helping over 220 companies build the greatest teams on earth, hiring the best employees based on merit, not location or background. 🌍

Your global hiring advantage.

The best bits of technology and expertise so your next overseas hire is smooth scaling.


The complexities of global hiring need a human touch.

Same day onboarding

Onboard employees within hours, not weeks or months.

1-1 employee

With a local expert. The best experience for your employees.

From £199 per month

All the critical features, only a fraction of the cost.

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Creating equal opportunities across the globe

We have a vision to be the employer of choice for remote workers across the world. Driving this vision are our values...

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Breakdown barriers

We act to make opportunities equally accessible, so that those with skills and ambition are not held back.

Do what's right

No short cuts. No short wins. Just a solid commitment to do right by each other, and by each and every customer we serve.

Show backbone

We choose the courageous route. Sometimes that means saying no and stepping away, while staying true to our pursuit of socially responsible success.

Here today, here tomorrow

We know our success depends on being accountable, responsible & customer obsessed.

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