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Fully Compliant
EOR & Payroll  with Teamed

Navigating international laws can be a challenge, but with Teamed, you're in safe hands.

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Empowering compliance excellence:


global hiring

Empowering compliance excellance: navigate global hiring

Navigating Compliance Confidently with Teamed

With Teamed, you will be fully compliant, eliminating the fear of legal risks and penalties.

  • Local laws and legal updates? Sorted. We keep you compliant in 150+ countries.

  • With our expert advice and support, you have zero risk of misclassification and associated fines.

  • Paperwork? We assist you with tax documents and other paperwork, offering personalised guidance.

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Efficient Onboarding for Your Team

When it comes to compliance, efficient onboarding is a critical step in maintaining regulatory adherence.

  • Streamlined onboarding that optimises efficiency, saving time and effort.

  • Speedy access and updates to employment details and benefits through your Teamed dashboard.

  • Seamless monitoring of your team members' Employer of Record (EOR) status.

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EOR Platform for a Smooth Hiring Process

We're your partner in global hiring, handling everything from payroll to compliance, making your job easier and helping you secure the best talent from around the world.

  • Benefit from top-tier 24/5 customer service tailored to HR's unique needs.

  • Maintain a transparent audit trail for documents, employees, and payments, ensuring impeccable record-keeping.

  • Navigate with ease through our seamless user interface, simplifying complex tasks for HR professionals.

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Customers love
the speed & simplicity

“I felt a little trepidation when it was announced that we would be employing staff in Slovakia as nobody had prior knowledge of the language, let alone local employment laws, payroll or human resource processes. With Teamed it actually became much easier than recruiting in the UK! The payroll process was set up to work perfectly with our own system with absolutely no hitches, all straightforward and without a hefty price tag. Thanks again to Teamed for helping with what could have been a logistical nightmare.”

Julia Mardell
Operations Director, Classic Folios

Thanks to Teamed, we swiftly sorted multiple HR compliance requirements challenges for our new hire in the US, and were able to onboard them smoothly. Super-efficient service with limited involvement on our end!”

Kleodora Brahimi
HR Manager, Velez Managed Services

"Teamed has empowered us to uphold our dynamic work policy while expanding our operations at the same time. Our South African and Australian colleagues have become indispensable assets, accelerating the pace at which we operate and creating more flexible working arrangements for our UK team members — something we don’t believe would have been possible without Teamed!"

Amanda Masuku
HR & Resourcing Associate, CT:

“Through our working abroad policy, we’ve been able to give employees a flavour for living in a new country and experiencing new things, while still remaining employed by MyTutor.”

Michael Cole
People Operations Lead, MyTutor

Teamed, Your Global Hiring Partner

We partner with top legal experts worldwide to keep your contracts compliant with ever-changing global labour laws, ensuring your peace of mind.
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With Teamed growing global remote teams is easy.  
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