Tekever's Global Workforce Revolution with Teamed


Company Overview

Tekever is an IT, aerospace, defence, and security technologies company based in Lisbon, Portugal. Working across three primary markets: UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), digital transformation, and space, Tekever helps businesses and authorities across the globe with everything from satellite surveillance projects to advanced app development.

A leading innovator for some of the most dynamic industries in the world, Tekever now has its sights firmly set on revolutionising the future — something a strategic global workforce is essential for.


With plans to expand across Europe, Tekever faced challenges with local hiring and compliance. Take, for instance, a specific hiring scenario in France where the absence of a physical office in the region raised concerns for the hiring team.

To successfully navigate the hiring of key talent in France, Tekever would have had to invest substantial time and resources into setting up an entire human resources operation — something that, at such a pivotal stage of their growth, was not an ideal solution.

What They Were Looking For in a Solution

Tekever was in search of a partner who could work directly with candidates, while also maintaining the integrity of their company values and pre-existing hiring systems.

Prioritising quality, transparency, and mutual respect across the hiring process, Tekever wanted to ensure the solution they chose didn’t just offer compliance and efficiency, it also needed to enhance the overall candidate experience and contribute positively to the company’s reputation.

"Support for our candidates was hugely important. We wanted a solution that felt like just another branch of what we do internally but took care of things that are outside of our expertise. For this, Teamed delivers on all fronts!"

What Made Teamed Stand Out

Teamed's capability to manage employee contracts and hiring conditions set it apart for Tekever. With full confidence in Teamed's capabilities, there’s never any need to question what’s being suggested or advised; Tekever can hand over the reins and know that all measures put in place are legal and perfectly in line with their ultimate business objectives.

Additionally, with the level of support provided by Teamed, Tekever knows that even under time pressure, assistance will be on hand with the answers they need.

"Since our first meeting with Teamed, we’ve had great confidence in what they can do. Whether we communicate via email or through virtual meetings, everything is handled with speed and precision — something that, as such a fast-paced organisation, we value immensely."

How Teamed Helped Since Implementation

In Tekever's dynamic industries, regulations constantly evolve. Having a reliable partner like Teamed who can provide targeted support and alleviate the usual strain associated with overseas hiring is a game-changer.

Teamed's expertise allows Tekever to embrace change, adapt operations accordingly, and focus on growth rather than getting slowed down by compliance concerns. This partnership provides the agility they need to thrive in fast-moving sectors.

"We always come straight to Teamed whenever we need to change something in terms of our HR processes. We can run ideas by the team and gain an instant insight into whether something is likely to work or not. The team is always available with advice and support to help us clarify our situation."

How an EOR Helps with Global Expansion

The clarity that Teamed provides helps ensure Tekever can confidently and swiftly hire the talent they need from across Europe and beyond, while also putting concrete plans in place for the future.

Tekever can now select the best talent, regardless of geographical location. This helps them remain at the forefront of its industries, some of which are extremely competitive.

"Currently, we are making preparations to become an even bigger company, and we see Teamed definitely being part of this growth moving forward. For us, Teamed has been instrumental in helping us sustain a strong market position, while also providing the flexibility we need to expand our workforce on an ongoing basis."

Onboarding Process Satisfaction

Teamed's onboarding process is known for being straightforward, with an intuitive platform that aims to simplify operations, rather than adding to the workload of in-house teams.

After just one meeting with Teamed, Tekever already felt more prepared for future hiring scenarios, knowing they now had full access to on-demand expertise.

Overall, it was a quick and easy process that required no additional overheads or administrative resources to manage; just one user-friendly platform and a multidisciplinary team ready to share their knowledge.

"Our expectations for Teamed have definitely been exceeded. Even after the onboarding process was finished, we continued to be in contact with Teamed to strategise about upcoming hires and receive guidance as our business grows. With new opportunities already on the horizon for us, we feel more confident than ever that Teamed is the right solution for us."

Advice for Other Organisations Hiring Globally

Teamed has not only helped Tekever facilitate the seamless integration of global talent into their workforce, it has also empowered them to adapt more confidently to a rapidly changing environment.

For other businesses hoping to achieve this same balance, Teklever can’t recommend Teamed enough.

"Having a good partner to support overseas hiring is essential for international growth — and that's something we would have had to learn the hard way if we hadn't found Teamed when we did! Teamed just helps us make the entire process more efficient and stress-free, so we can focus on other strategic areas of our business."

Empower Your Global Workforce with Teamed

Manage the hiring and retention of global teams with ease

Whether you're an established company or a budding startup, Teamed's advanced but user-friendly platform offers reliable advantages such as:

  • Global Payroll Expertise: Seamlessly process payroll in 50+ currencies, ensuring accurate and compliant payments worldwide.
  • Local Tax & Compliance: Rely on Teamed's legal experts to navigate the intricate web of global regulations, mitigating risks and ensuring full compliance.
  • 24/5 Support: Get expert assistance whenever you need it, addressing the complexities of global hiring with a dedicated (and human!) support team.
  • Effortless Onboarding: Onboard employees within hours, not weeks, with our same-day onboarding process.
  • Tailored Employee Experiences: From benefits to onboarding, create a localised approach for your global employees — enhancing satisfaction and engagement.
  • Transparent Pricing: Access critical features without the hefty costs, with plans starting from £199 per month.
  • Dedicated Local Experts: Benefit from 1-1 employee onboarding, guided by local experts who understand the nuances of each region.

Ready to revolutionise your global hiring, just like Tekever did?

With Teamed, you can finally enjoy the advantages of overseas hiring without the complexities and challenges that typically accompany it. Whether you're venturing into new industries and markets or looking to relocate existing talent, Teamed offers a seamless, tailored solution.

Why Choose Teamed?

Expertise: Just as we guided Tekever through the intricacies of international employment laws, we can do the same for you.

Flexibility: Adapt to fast-changing sectors and scale your operations effortlessly, just like Tekever.

Compliance: Rest easy knowing that we handle the legalities, so you can focus on what you do best.

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