Luganodes + Teamed: A 50% Leap in Global Web3 Workforce Growth


Company Overview

Luganodes is a leading force in the Web3 sector, offering institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure services. They simplify staking processes for enterprises and individuals, facilitating participation in blockchain networks and enabling portfolio growth.

With a commitment to user-friendly, secure, and ‘always-on’ staking infrastructure, Luganodes has become a global staking solution leader.


With Luganodes’ solution ticking so many boxes for global clients, fast-paced growth was imminent. However, this posed a challenge for Luganodes.

Faced with having to manage a growing global workforce while ensuring compliance and efficient hiring practices, Luganodes needed to act quickly. However, with a presence in multiple countries and over 40 crypto protocols in their portfolio, traditional solutions were falling short.

In search of reliable compliance solutions, scalable systems, cost-effective pricing, and the ability to facilitate crypto payments, Luganodes required a partner who could not only aid their global growth, but also understand their unique position within the blockchain industry.

Discovering Teamed

Hoping to streamline their hiring processes, guarantee compliance across borders, and keep costs down — Luganodes’ focus was on finding a team, not just a solution, that could integrate seamlessly with their Web3 eco-system.

Teamed emerged as the answer, recommended by blockchain partners who previously had a positive experience with the platform. Teamed offered a comprehensive tool to manage onboarding, management, and payroll processes associated with each employee, aligning perfectly with Luganodes' needs.

"Before working with Teamed, we looked into competitors, but Teamed not only offered a better price — they also offered a more exceptional product. The quality and customer service provided by Teamed so far has surpassed what others had to offer."

What Made Teamed Stand Out?

Teamed outshone the competition in several key areas:

  • Affordability: Teamed's pricing is highly competitive, offering superior performance and a comprehensive solution compared to other platforms.
  • Exceptional customer service: Teamed's in-depth understanding of Luganodes' industry, as well as their precise needs, has played a crucial role in making the hiring process more efficient. This has led to increased satisfaction for both employer and employee.
  • Crypto payment capabilities: Luganodes' non-negotiable requirement was to be able to offer employees the opportunity to be paid in crypto — an option that was fully supported by Teamed. Additionally, with invoices that can also be settled in crypto, monthly payment processes have been made easier, while also ensuring compliance.

"Being a Web3 company, Teamed's deep understanding of the entire blockchain ecosystem strengthens our partnership. It's the perfect match for us!"

The Impact of Teamed

Since adopting Teamed, Luganodes has reaped substantial benefits. Just some of these benefits include:

  • Increased access to global talent: Luganodes now has the ability to hire based on talent rather than geographical limitations, attracting the best candidates globally.
  • Streamlined onboarding: The focus has shifted from bureaucratic complexities to successful onboarding, creating a more positive employee experience.
  • Enhanced scalability: Luganodes' global workforce has grown by over 50%, already — all thanks to Teamed's expertise in navigating the intricacies of overseas hiring.
  • Operational efficiency: With Teamed, Luganodes can now scale more rapidly (and accurately!), ensuring operational resilience and long-term success.

Both Luganodes’ global employees, and those based in India, now seamlessly integrate as one cohesive workforce. This has helped Luganodes tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry more effectively.

Previously complex procedures such as crafting leave policies and determining local tax liability are now being managed more efficiently, ensuring new recruits feel more at ease from their very first interaction with Luganodes.

Advice for Global Hiring

Luganodes recommends Teamed to organisations seeking a stress-free and highly effective global hiring solution. They emphasise the importance of considering the unique needs of global employees from day one and highlight Teamed's role in catering to these needs with fast response times and a comprehensive understanding of Luganode’s position as a Web3 employer.

Additionally, in partnership with Teamed, Luganodes is better able to focus on scaling their business in the ever-evolving blockchain industry, taking on challenges head-first with a more diverse and globally connected workforce.

Teamed's competitive pricing, outstanding service, and cryptocurrency proficiency have been pivotal in this ongoing journey.

Empower Your Global Workforce with Teamed

Manage the hiring and retention of global teams with ease

Whether you're an established company or a budding startup, Teamed's advanced but user-friendly platform offers reliable advantages such as:

  • Global Payroll Expertise: Seamlessly process payroll in 50+ currencies, ensuring accurate and compliant payments worldwide.
  • Local Tax & Compliance: Rely on Teamed's legal experts to navigate the intricate web of global regulations, mitigating risks and ensuring full compliance.
  • 24/5 Support: Get expert assistance whenever you need it, addressing the complexities of global hiring with a dedicated (and human!) support team.
  • Effortless Onboarding: Onboard employees within hours, not weeks, with our same-day onboarding process.
  • Tailored Employee Experiences: From benefits to onboarding, create a localised approach for your global employees — enhancing satisfaction and engagement.
  • Transparent Pricing: Access critical features without the hefty costs, with plans starting from £199 per month.
  • Dedicated Local Experts: Benefit from 1-1 employee onboarding, guided by local experts who understand the nuances of each region.

Experience the Teamed advantage yourself!

Just as we tailored solutions for Luganodes, we're ready to customise a winning strategy for your unique business needs. Whether you're navigating global expansion or optimising your existing workforce, Teamed is your trusted global hiring partner in seamless, efficient operations.

Connect with our experts today to explore how Teamed can transform your business operations.

We’ve mastered global hiring, so you don’t have to!

“Teamed has definitely helped us transform our hiring process. It allows us to cast the net so much further and
target talent we know will be beneficial to our business, regardless of where they’re based!”

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