Cross-Border Compliance: Bridging the Talent Gap and Auditing Across Borders with CT


Company Overview

CT is a distinguished accounting firm based in Scotland. Delivering exceptional financial services to a diverse range of clients across a variety of industries, their commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as one of the leading accounting firms in the UK.


CT faced a difficult challenge when trying to recruit audit and business advisory professionals who aligned with their business objectives. The limited talent pool in the UK led them to explore international options, focusing primarily on South Africa due to regulatory similarities.

However, with no prior knowledge of South African employment law, and little time to strategize, Teamed emerged as a lifeline for CT.

“When we initially tried to hire, it was a really difficult time in the market. Auditors were needed to keep our business operating effectively, but we were reliant on a very uncertain market. Teamed allowed us to overcome these challenges by giving us an opportunity to cast our hiring net further, while still maintaining our high standards as an accounting firm”.

Why Teamed's Human-Centric Approach Stands Out

The availability of service from Teamed experts, whenever needed, has been hugely beneficial to CT’s operations. Using Teamed to assist with inquiries, ranging from holiday pay to maternity leave entitlements, has enabled CT to not only maintain stability but also improve future planning. CT now has the confidence that no matter the challenges ahead, immediate support is readily available.

In terms of compliance, Teamed has also been extremely valuable. From probationary periods to tax compliance, Teamed takes care of everything and allows CT to focus on other core areas of their business.

For CT, the ability to reach out and receive high-quality client support is crucial to the partnership's success. Teamed’s support means CT can maintain operational agility and ensure complex global hiring scenarios are navigated with confidence.

"In addition to our UK-based team, we’ve now been able to hire several South African employees and an Australian colleague, each with unique employment law considerations that were previously uncharted territory for us. Thanks to Teamed's rapid response times and in-depth knowledge, we've been able to streamline our onboarding processes and eliminate a lot of the red tape we’d have previously struggled with. Now, we get to enjoy the advantages of a talented global workforce, without the administrative burden!”

Unlike other EOR providers on the market, Teamed recognises the significance of a personalised approach to global hiring. They understand that every client, like CT, has unique needs and as a result, are committed to providing a level of one-on-one service that goes beyond knowledge-sharing; they offer a partnership where every client's success takes centre stage.

Benefits Since Implementation

Teamed has been responsible for the seamless integration of each of CT’s South African team members. With custom employee packages and compliance considerations all taken care of ahead of time, overseas employees can sign their contracts knowing that their needs are being met from day one.

The onboarding process has also had a positive impact on UK-based employees. CT's success in overseas hiring has opened up new possibilities for more flexible working arrangements company-wide, enhancing employee satisfaction and contributing to retention rates.

Now able to position themselves as a successful global employer, Teamed has helped CT elevate their industry reputation and elevate their growth as a trusted accounting firm in the UK. With improved global hiring processes and existing employees able to explore new work-life balance opportunities, CT is poised for continued success and expansion.

"Teamed has empowered us to uphold our dynamic work policy while expanding our operations at the same time. Our South African and Australian colleagues have become indispensable assets, accelerating the pace at which we operate and creating more flexible working arrangements for our UK team members — something we don’t believe would have been possible without Teamed!"

Recently, Teamed has also assisted CT with a sensitive offboarding process. During this process, CT wanted to ensure compliance, while also offering the best possible resolution for both parties. The experience of Teamed staff ensured that the advice being given was both legally sound and considerate of the employees' welfare, helping CT to approach sensitive topics with greater confidence.

Global Expansion with EOR

Teamed's unrivalled expertise in overseas hiring has helped strategically position CT for future growth. CT can now prioritise talent quality over geographical constraints, meaning they’re always ready to tap into a skilled global talent pool as needed.

While South Africa remains the current focus for international expansion, Teamed's support allows CT to consider other strategic locations when the time is right. This flexibility ensures that CT can quickly adapt to market dynamics and seize opportunities as they arise.

Onboarding Process

Teamed's user-friendly platform has been a game-changer for CT. It not only helps streamline the onboarding process, it also provides ongoing support whenever it's needed. This includes providing dedicated points of contact who ensure that CT's needs are addressed promptly, and issues are resolved quickly.

Benefitting significantly from Teamed's efficient service, CT has also eliminated the need for costly overheads and local legal experts. As a result, CT can now get contracts to signing stages at a lower cost, and at a faster pace — creating a more seamless experience for both the company and its employees.

Overall, Teamed's dedication to providing ongoing support has positioned them as a valuable long-term partner in CT's growth journey.

“In terms of onboarding new employees and getting contracts signed, we just need to provide Teamed with some key information and then they take care of the rest on our behalf. Essentially, they handle all the onboarding details that would have felt like an administrative nightmare for us before. Now, we get to focus more on employee development and our day-to-day operations.”

Advice for Global Hiring

CT recommends Teamed to any organisation looking for a reliable partner to help streamline the hiring process and navigate challenges associated with a limited talent pool in the UK or abroad. Their team emphasises that there’s no need to risk your business or stunt your growth when there’s innovative solutions like Teamed available.

“There’s never any issue with us reaching out to Teamed with questions, no matter how advanced or trivial they are. We find our relationship with Teamed to be extremely supportive and we don’t see this relationship ending any time soon.”  

Empower Your Global Workforce with Teamed

Manage the hiring and retention of global teams with ease

Whether you're an established company or a budding startup, Teamed's advanced but user-friendly platform offers reliable advantages such as:

  • Global Payroll Expertise: Seamlessly process payroll in 50+ currencies, ensuring accurate and compliant payments worldwide.
  • Local Tax & Compliance: Rely on Teamed's legal experts to navigate the intricate web of global regulations, mitigating risks and ensuring full compliance.
  • 24/5 Support: Get expert assistance whenever you need it, addressing the complexities of global hiring with a dedicated (and human!) support team.
  • Effortless Onboarding: Onboard employees within hours, not weeks, with our same-day onboarding process.
  • Tailored Employee Experiences: From benefits to onboarding, create a localised approach for your global employees — enhancing satisfaction and engagement.
  • Transparent Pricing: Access critical features without the hefty costs, with plans starting from £199 per month.
  • Dedicated Local Experts: Benefit from 1-1 employee onboarding, guided by local experts who understand the nuances of each region.

Tailored solutions to support your global hiring journey

Discover tailored solutions designed to cater to your unique business requirements with Teamed. Whether you're expanding into new markets or trying to grow a global workforce, Teamed's expertise ensures a hassle-free hiring journey.

Contact Teamed today to explore the benefits of streamlined global hiring.

We've mastered global hiring, so you don't have to!

“Teamed has definitely helped us transform our hiring process. It allows us to cast the net so much further and
target talent we know will be beneficial to our business, regardless of where they’re based!”

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