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There are no hidden costs with Teamed.



When you're thinking of  hiring contractors.

Hire contractors in 150+ countries

Process invoices and pay contractors in 50+ currencies

Easy-to-use platform for expenses, allowances, time off, and reporting

Country-specific compliance



Teamed EOR:  Effortlessly onboard, pay, and manage employees globally.

Compliantly hire in 150+ countries with our EOR service

1-1 onboarding within 24 hours

International payroll and taxes in 50+ currencies, including crypto

Easy platform for handling time-off, contracts, offboarding, and more



When you're hiring  5+ employees, or a mix of contractors & employees.

Everything on the Growth service plus:

Special discounts & multi hire pricing

Priority access to global hiring workshops and strategy sessions

Options for 1-1 & 1-many onboarding with line manager training sessions

Did you know that the cost of hiring depends on the country, salary, and benefits you want to offer? Our simulations are designed with these factors in mind. Let's chat.

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Includes all Personal plan features
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FOR Nonprofits
Teamed for Impact

If you're championing change with a nonprofit or B Corp, let's make magic happen together. You can join Teamed for Impact. Who says heroes can't have perks?

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For Refugees
Teamed for Fairness

We make global hiring a breeze, offering a fair chance at stable jobs for refugees. With Teamed you can hire top refugee talent easily, without the hassle or high costs.

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For Early Stages
Teamed for Visionaries

In your first two years of launching a dream business? We make global hiring easy for you by taking care of the red-tape. Let's bring your visions to life!

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Please read through our frequently asked questions and get in touch with our team, we're happy to help!

How do I get started?

From first meeting to onboarding your employee can happen in as little as 48 hours.

Proposal Review: Receive and approve the employment cost simulation and the Master Service Agreement (MSA).
Kick-Off Call: Engage in the onboarding call with your dedicated customer success manager and gain platform access.
Employee Onboarding: Our dedicated onboarding team onboard your employee and take them through the contract. We facilitate and concerns or questions.
Start Working: The employee begins their role at your business, fully integrated and ready to contribute.

What can I control as an employer?

As an employer, you're in the driver's seat! Here’s what you can do:
Shape the Contract: You get to tweak the employment contract so it fits just right, keeping in line with the local laws and what we offer at Teamed.
Run the Show: From steering employee relationships to driving performance and the day-to-day, you're the one calling the shots.
Handle the Essentials: Need to approve a day off, sort out sick leave, or check on expenses? The Teamed platform is your go-to, making it all a breeze.

Where does Teamed come in?

We cover all the nitty-gritty of legal HR issues, leaving you free to focus on managing your people. Here’s how we ensure everything runs smoothly

Comprehensive Payment Management: We process salaries in the preferred currency of your employees, ensuring compliance with all relevant social security, taxes, and benefits.Fully Managed Contracts: Tailored and legally airtight.
Leave & Holidays: Organised and compliant with local laws.
Detail-Oriented: From social security to notice periods, we’ve got it covered.
Smooth Transitions: Handling exits, redundancies, or dismissals, all legally squared away.
Local Quirks: We keep you updated on specific country  nuances.

What countries do you cover?

Rest assured, we've got you covered! Our services extend to over 150 countries, ensuring we can accommodate your needs. If you're concerned about specifics, don't hesitate to reach out. Our dedication to adaptability allows us to tailor solutions for diverse global employment scenarios, regardless of location.

What benefits can you offer my employees?

We team up with the best providers worldwide to bring you top-notch employee benefits, making sure you're connected up with the very best. Need guidance on what's standard in different countries or help putting together an attractive benefits package? We’ve got your back!

How do I craft a compelling benefits package?

Creating a standout benefits package? Start by really tuning into what your team wants and making sure what you’re offering hits the mark. We’re here to back you up with the latest market insights, help you stay on the right side of the law, and offer up flexible choices that fit your team perfectly. Check out our in-depth guide to see how nailing the benefits can be a game-changer in drawing, keeping, and motivating a global team

Charges & fees?  With Teamed there are no hidden charges

At Teamed, transparency is paramount. We pride ourselves on never imposing additional fees. That means no extra FX fees, no additional onboarding fees—just clear, upfront pricing. What we agree upon is precisely what you'll pay.

When will I be invoiced the first time?

Your first invoice will be issued during the month your first employee/contractors has been onboarded. This means that if an employee starts on the 12th of February, the first invoice will be issued by the end of February.

Are there deposits for employees?

Our standard procedure involves requesting a deposit from our customers, typically equivalent to the employee's first month's salary, as a precautionary measure. This practice ensures our ability to consistently fulfil our legal obligation to pay employees promptly.

What costs make up my Invoice?

The Teamed invoice includes employee salary, any bonuses or expenses, social security contributions, private benefits like pensions or health insurance, and the Teamed management fee, all transparently itemised with no hidden costs. See example invoice

Can I choose the currency of my invoice?

Certainly! You can absolutely choose the currency of your invoice. Teamed ensures you receive a single, consolidated invoice in your preferred currency, regardless of the diverse currencies you may use to pay your employees. This simplifies your financial processes, making it easier to manage your global team's payments.

How does invoicing work?

With Teamed, you'll get one invoice in your chosen currency with itemised list by employees. Your employees and contractors get paid in their local currencies.

Hire your next star by chatting with the people who know global employment best.