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Hire your dream team without worrying about the global hiring complexities . Teamed for Visionaries is tailored for businesses in their first two years.
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  • First Month Free: Begin with your first month's EOR fee on us, & allocate resources where they're needed most. T&C's apply.

  • Priority Workshop Access: Gain insights from our global hiring strategy workshops, designed to make your global growth faster with less guesswork and risks.

  • Partnership Opportunities: We will offer chances to build connections within our network to support a community of inclusion and chance to broaden your network.

  • Co-Marketing Opportunities: Let's amplify your voice. Benefit from features in our interviews, webinars, and content, pushing your brand and employee stories to the forefront.

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Teamed is the best Employer of Record for hiring in Europe and beyond.
With Teamed you can build a global workforce in over 150 countries without the need to setting up legal entities.
  • 24/5 (Human) support - ready to onboard your new hires within 24 hours.

  • We manage your international payroll & local contracts - 100% compliant & hassle free.

  • Affordable EOR from 220€ per employee - No hidden fees and without a hefty price attached.

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Employment, payoll, compilance. All-in-one
24/5 support  •  24HR Onboarding
Global Payroll

Our payroll process is built for global compensation. Think currency conversions & tax compliance - sorted. This ensures remote employees are paid accurately and efficiently.

Local benefits

We ensure remote employees receive local benefits tailored to their specific region, enhancing their job satisfaction and well-being. Making remote employees feel valued and fairly treated.


We vouch for socially responsible conduct whilst ensuring we align with local laws & global standards. We choose the courageous route. Sometimes that means saying no and stepping away.

Global HR

We know our success depends on being accountable, responsible & customer obsessed. We want to be known for being fun, dependable & smart people to work with!

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