Build compliant & competitive packages in Europe

Discover how to craft irresistible compensation packages for remote employees while ensuring compliance with local laws in Europe 🌍

Adam Tully

Founder of JIE + Search

Joanna Castens
Head of Legal Operations at Teamed
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January 25, 2024
1 hour
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What does this webinar discuss / solve?

Discover how to attract top talent in Portugal, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland with attractive compensation packages. Our webinar will guide you in designing appealing offers for these key European markets and then ensuring they comply with local employment laws. This essential session is perfect for businesses seeking to expand in Europe, blending competitive packages with legal compliance.

In this webinar you'll learn

Discover how to attract top talent in Europe with competitive packages
Understand employment laws across key European countries
Unlock the potential of remote talent for your company's European team expansion


Join our webinar to uncover the secrets of attracting top talent across key European markets - Portugal, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland. In this insightful session, we'll delve into a conversation with a seasoned recruiter, specializing in sourcing top talent for European expansions, and a skilled employment lawyer with expertise in various European locations.

Discover the art of crafting irresistible compensation packages while ensuring compliance with local laws. This exclusive discussion is a must-attend for businesses looking to expand in Europe, featuring expert insights from both the recruitment and legal perspectives. Don't miss your chance to gain a competitive edge in talent acquisition and compliance.

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This isn't just another global workforce chat. It's global hiring, simplified. Come for knowledge, leave with a game plan.
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