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We accept payment and can pay

your team

in crypto

We accept payment and can pay your your employees in crypto

Why Teamed is
Right for Web3

We understand the transformative power of Web3 and are here to ensure your employment solutions are equally groundbreaking.

Crypto Payments: Pay us and your team in crypto or fiat; your choice.
Global Understanding: Our team is part of the Web3 community, just like you.
Decentralised Talent: We enable businesses to hire global talent seamlessly.
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International Payroll

Paying in crypto doesn’t have to be a hassle. We simplify global payments so you can focus on growing your business.

Crypto and Fiat: We accept payments in fiat and can pay your team in crypto.
50+ Currencies: Pay your global teams in over 50 currencies
Global Reach: Hire and pay talent in 150+ countries, all while staying compliant.
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Simple Platform For Global Hiring

Our EOR platform is tailored to be simple yet effective for Web3 businesses.

Streamlined: All contracts, employee details and payments in one place.
User-Friendly: Our interface is intuitive, making EOR management a breeze.
24/5 Support: Whenever you need help, we’re here, backed by a team that gets Web3.
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Simple Platform For Global Hiring

We’re not just serving the Web3 community; we're part of it. From compliance to payroll, we offer a streamlined, efficient solution tailored for your business. That's the Teamed Web3 Advantage.
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With Teamed growing global remote teams is easy.  
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