Maximise global hiring efficiency using Al recruiting systems

1 hour
November 30, 2023
Shamir Gokani
Lead People & Growth at Teamed
Yuma Heymans
Co-Founder & CEO at HeroHunt

What does this webinar discuss / solve?

Learn how to recruit worldwide with the help of an AI recruiting system. Then, discover the steps to hire talented individuals from across the globe, making it hassle-free in terms of paperwork, compliance, and payroll, thanks to an EOR.

We're here to assist companies in finding and hiring the perfect candidates, no matter where they're based. It's a comprehensive and efficient process. The entire process is easier than you can think.

Key takeaways

Efficiently recruit worldwide
Utilise best practices with RecruitGPT for optimal results
Easily hire talent from across the globe


Global recruitment can be intimidating, especially when dealing with a large number of candidates. is the AI recruitment engine powered by GPT that helps companies recruit talent globally on complete autopilot. RecruitGPT (made by generates a shortlist of candidates in seconds based on a simple prompt or the job description. Managing thousands of applications, identifying the most qualified candidate for the position, and successfully hiring and onboarding them in various countries doesn't need to be a nightmare.

Teamed webinars

This isn't just another global workforce chat. It's global hiring, simplified. Come for knowledge, leave with a game plan.

Imagine a world where international borders no longer dictate the limits of your team's potential. With Teamed as your Employer of Record, you can hire the best, no matter where they are, with the confidence that compliance, payroll, and benefits are in expert hands. Let's make global employment easy.

Shamir Gokani