Your ultimate guide for hiring in France

Optimise your hiring strategy in France with our comprehensive guide built to help you navigate the complexities of the country's hiring landscape.

What's inside?

  • Understanding the hiring landscape in France
  • French currency: The Euro (EUR)
  • French payroll: How ofen do French employees get paid?
  • French tax regulations: Navigating compliance
  • French social security: Insights on employee benefits

  • Right to time off: Annual leave, sick pay, and parental leave
  • French employment terms: Employer responsibilities
  • Empower your global workforce with Teamed
  • Getting started with Teamed is quick and easy

Understanding the hiring landscape in France

Known for its rich culture, historic landmarks, and highly developed economy, France presents a unique opportunity for overseas employers to enhance the diversity, skill level, and strategic positioning of their workforce.

France's business landscape is diverse, with thriving industries like technology, fashion, and healthcare leading the way. The tech sector, in particular, has seen significant growth, attracting international businesses and fostering local startups.

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