Your definitive guide to hiring in the United Kingdom

From regulations to cultural nuances, discover the key insights you need to navigate for hiring in the UK.

What's inside?

  • Understanding the hiring landscape in the UK
  • UK currency: The Great British Pound
  • Payroll: When do British employees expect to be paid?
  • Tax compliance: Filing and tax brackets
  • UK social security: Understanding contributions
  • Employer responsibilities: Terms & transparency
  • Right to time off: Annual leave, sick pay, and parental leave
  • Empower your global workforce with Teamed
  • Getting started with Teamed is quick and easy!

The United Kingdom (UK) isn't just known for its tea and rich history; it's a thriving hub for global businesses seeking diverse talent strategic opportunities, and a dynamic market.

However, even the most exciting opportunities come with challenges. As you embark on a global hiring journey involving UK employees, it's essential to educate yourself on the realities of hiring overseas.

From employee regulations and welfare to compliance requirements and cultural nuances — leveraging a UK talent pool requires some planning ahead!

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