Your definitive guide for hiring in Switzerland

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What's inside?

  • Understanding the hiring landscape in Switzerland
  • EU membership: Is Switzerland a member of the European Union?
  • Language: Multilingualism in Switzerland
  • Swiss Franc (CHF): The Swiss currency
  • Swiss payroll: Payment practices

  • Swiss taxation: Navigating the Swiss tax system
  • Right to time off: Annual leave, sick pay, and parental leave
  • Swiss employment terms: Employer responsibilities
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Understanding the hiring landscape in Switzerland

Switzerland, renowned for its economic stability, precision manufacturing, and of course, chocolate, boasts a strong business environment. Its strategic location in the heart of Europe, skilled workforce, and favourable business climate have undoubtedly made it a magnet for global companies.

Also known for its well-established infrastructure and efficient bureaucracy, doing business in Switzerland is often a seamless experience for businesses — even in fast-paced industries.

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