Your definitive guide for hiring in Canada

Tap into the possibilities of hiring in Canada with our in-depth guide designed to steer you through the nuances of the country's hiring landscape.

What's inside?

  • The hiring landscape in Canada
  • Canadian currency and payroll: Understanding Canadian tax compliance
  • Employer tax brackets in Canada
  • US tax regulations: Navigating compliance
  • Canadian social security: What you need to know
  • Key Canadian labour laws to consider
  • Leave benefits in Canada
  • Teamed: Your global workforce partner
  • Getting started with Teamed is quick and easy!

Canada, more than its maple syrup and magnificent landscapes, is a melting pot of talent, brimming with potential and opportunities for businesses looking to hire internationally.

​​However, every golden opportunity comes with its hurdles. As you set out to hire Canadian talent, it's vital that you acquaint yourself with the nuances of hiring in Canada.

From labour laws and welfare to cultural understanding — employing Canadians requires a great deal of preparation.

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