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Grow your international team effortlessly

Luganodes's Success Story with Teamed: Global Hiring Made Real

Teamed facilitated Luganodes' rapid expansion, crypto payroll management, and compliance across multiple countries, driven by a deep understanding of their unique needs.

3 reasons why Luganodes recommends Teamed:

  • Operational efficiency: With Teamed, Luganodes can now scale more rapidly (and accurately!), ensuring operational resilience and long-term success.

  • Exceptional customer service: Teamed's deep understanding of Luganodes' needs streamlined hiring, increasing satisfaction for both employer and employee.

  • Crypto payment capabilities: Teamed fully supports Luganodes' crucial need for crypto payments and invoicing, simplifying monthly processes and ensuring compliance.

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The top tech firms  love to work with Teamed.

Best Hiring Solution for Tech & Gaming Companies

Here's why top tech and gaming providers love to work with Teamed.

  • Global Talent Acquisition: Tap into a global talent pool while fully adhering to international employment laws.

  • Flexible Payroll Solutions: Manage payroll in 50+currencies, including crypto options.

  • Expert Legal Guidance: Our in-house experts ensure your operations in 150+ countries are compliant.

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Customers love
the speed & simplicity

"With Teamed it actually became much easier than recruiting in the UK! The payroll process was set up to work perfectly with our own system with absolutely no hitches, all straightforward and  without a hefty price tag."

Julia Mardell
Operations Director, Classic Folios

"Teamed allowed us to support payroll functions globally with ease and offer a level of expertise that was greatly needed."

Dan Franklin
Head of Web3, Crypto, Blockchain & NFT, Priority Crypto

"Teamed has empowered us to uphold our dynamic work policy while expanding our operations at the same time. Our South African and Australian colleagues have become indispensable assets, accelerating the pace at which we operate and creating more flexible working arrangements for our UK team members — something we don’t believe would have been possible without Teamed!"

Amanda Masuku
HR & Resourcing Associate, CT:

“Through our working abroad policy, we’ve been able to give employees a flavour for living in a new country and experiencing new things, while still remaining employed by MyTutor.”

Michael Cole
People Operations Lead, MyTutor

Global Hiring Made Simple

EOR model makes hiring internationally as easy as hiring locally.

What Makes Teamed Different?

  • Personalised Service: Our dedication to understanding and meeting your unique needs sets us apart, ensuring a partnership where your success is our priority.

  • Global Payroll Expertise: Manage payroll globally with ease, supported by our comprehensive legal expertise and 24/5 customer service.

  • Transparent Pricing: Our costs are always what we've agreed to, with no hidden costs.

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Seamless Onboarding and Support

Luganodes recommends Teamed for swift global hiring and onboarding, praising its quick, Web3-savvy approach to employee needs.

  • Quick Onboarding: International hires ready within 24 hours, with compliance and contracts managed by Teamed.

  • Reduced Costs: Say goodbye to expensive legal consultations and streamline contract signings.

  • Tailored Employee Packages: Ensure a welcoming start for your global team with custom packages that meet their needs from day one.

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With Teamed growing global remote teams is easy.  
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