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Global EOR & Payroll  with Teamed

Expand globally with Teamed: your EOR solution for seamless management of compliance, payroll, & HR - without the need for overseas entities.

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Expand globally with Teamed



Hire a global workforce

Navigate International Growth with Confidence

Expanding your business globally comes with its challenges. Teamed is here to simplify that process.

  • Break into new markets without the hassle of setting up local entities. Teamed handles the legalities and logistics.

  • Manage international payroll effortlessly with Teamed ensuring your international payroll is compliant, accurate, and on-time.

  • Your contracts stay up-to-date with changing employment laws across multiple countries. Teamed keeps your business compliant everywhere you operate.

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Single View to Manage Your Remote Workforce

Teamed helps you manage a global remote team efficiently - within one platform.

  • Seamlessly manage your international team, with Teamed ensuring each member is compliantly employed and efficiently managed.

  • Access top talent worldwide. Teamed enables you to hire the best, regardless of their location, without legal or logistical barriers.

  • From contracts and onboarding to pay and benefits administration - we've got all your needs sorted through our integrated platform.

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EOR Platform for a Smooth Hiring Process

We're your partner in global hiring, handling everything from payroll to compliance, making your growth easier.

  • Benefit from top-tier 24/5 customer service tailored to HR's unique needs.

  • Maintain a transparent audit trail for documents, employees, and payments, ensuring impeccable record-keeping.

  • As your business grows, Teamed's services scale with you, providing solutions that fit your evolving needs.

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