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Empowering American Businesses in the Global Market. Teamed is the easiest way to hire, onboard & pay your employees abroad.
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At Teamed, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities American businesses face expanding globally. Our Employer of Record (EOR) service is not just about hiring abroad – it's about strengthening your business back home.
Teamed is the best Employer of Record for hiring in Europe and beyond.

Make your business great abroad  with speed & simplicity

Straightforward Global Hiring, Tailored for the American Way
  • Direct and No-Nonsense Compliance: We make navigating international laws simple and straightforward – no jargon, just results.

  • Payroll and Benefits: We manage your overseas payroll with the efficiency and precision your business expects. Your global team, paid on time, every time.

  • Dedicated Support, American Values: Our team is committed to hard work, honesty, and excellence - values that resonate with your business ethos.

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Employment, payoll, compilance. All-in-one
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Global Payroll

Our payroll process is built for global compensation. Think currency conversions & tax compliance - sorted. This ensures remote employees are paid accurately and efficiently.

Local benefits

We ensure remote employees receive local benefits tailored to their specific region, enhancing their job satisfaction and well-being. Making remote employees feel valued and fairly treated.


We vouch for socially responsible conduct whilst ensuring we align with local laws & global standards. We choose the courageous route. Sometimes that means saying no and stepping away.

Global HR

We know our success depends on being accountable, responsible & customer obsessed. We want to be known for being fun, dependable & smart people to work with!

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There are  no hidden charges & fees  with Teamed

from €299 /
per month/
With Teamed you get
  • 150+ countries to hire from
  • Self-service platform
  • 24-hour support and onboarding
  • Global payroll processed with just 1 click
  • 1-1 & 1-many local employee onboarding
  • Complete compliance & local contracts
from €599 /
per month/
You’ll scale at the cost of service quality
  • 60 - 150+ countries
  • often self-service platform
  • Support often slow & unresponsive
  • Onboarding may take weeks or months
  • 1-1 onboarding only at extra cost
  • Often unable to offer customised contracts

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We handle everything from contracts to onboarding.

Your new hire starts quickly, even in 24 hours.

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Please read through our frequently asked questions regarding hiring in with Teamed as your Employer of Record (EOR).  We've listed the most common Q&A below.

How does Teamed employ remote talent?

Teamed, as an Employer of Record (EOR), employs talent in different countries on your behalf using our entities. We manage taxes, payroll, compliance, benefits, and holidays, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing includes a full breakdown of payments, with no additional fees such as onboarding, termination, or hidden charges. We charge a fixed amount based on the necessary costs to maintain high-quality services, without hidden fees or percentages based on salaries.

How is Teamed different from other EOR companies?

We prioritise human support over automated systems. You can reach us directly anytime, even via WhatsApp, ensuring swift service and resolutions. Additionally, we offer affordable and transparent services with no setup or termination fees and flexible contracts unlike any other employer of record.

What makes Teamed an unique EOR provider?

Compared to other Employer of Record, our team at Teamed combines advanced technology with a human touch unlike other employers of record. We do this whilst offering 24/5 support and always personalised service. We ensure remote employees feel valued and supported, mirroring your company culture and priorities.

How quickly can you onboard new employees?

As your Employer of Record, Teamed can onboard new employees within 24 hours. We handle all the necessary paperwork, compliance checks, and payroll setup swiftly, ensuring your employees are ready to start working promptly and efficiently.

Can you handle both full-time and part-time employees?

Yes, as an Employer of Record (EOR), Teamed can manage both full-time and part-time employees. We customise employment contracts based on your specific requirements, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. This flexibility allows you to build a diverse and adaptable workforce tailored to your business needs.

What kind of benefits packages does Teamed offer?

As your EoR, we offer competitive, localised benefits packages tailored to each country. These packages include healthcare, pensions, and other essential perks, designed to attract and retain top talent while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

How does Teamed handle payments?

Teamed Global manages payments through a secure, automated system, ensuring timely and accurate salary disbursements in over 50 currencies. We comply with local regulations, providing a seamless and reliable payroll process for your global workforce.

What compliance measures does Teamed ensure?

As your employer of record we ensure full compliance with local employment laws, tax regulations, and international labour standards. Our robust compliance framework mitigates legal risks, safeguarding your business as it expands globally.

How do you ensure data security and privacy for employee information?

Teamed prioritises data security and privacy. We implement robust security protocols, including encryption, secure servers, and regular audits, to protect employee information. Compliance with international data protection regulations, such as GDPR, is strictly maintained, ensuring that your employees' data is safe and secure at all times.