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  • The easiest and fastest way to onboard and pay your employees abroad.
  • Streamline your global hiring processes with our expert support.
  • Simplify employment compliance across 150+ countries with our services.
An Employer of Record built for Web3 companies to stay compliant while also providing efficient payroll, benefits, and speedy onboarding
Pay your Web3 team in fiat and crypto
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Effortlessly manage your Web3 team

Employment, payment, compliance. All-in-one.





Global Payroll

A flexible solution. Pay your team in 50+ currencies.

Local Benefits

From tech set-up to employee stock options.


Always. We don't cut corners or take short cuts.

Global HR

Local experiences for your global employees.

Crypto & Fiat Payment

Offer flexible payment to your team with by routing between fiat & crypto

Instant Mass Payouts

Pay your entire team with just one click and automate it.

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Onboard contractors quickly and compliantly with localised contracts and guidance on local labour laws.

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Hire contractors in 150+ countries
Reduce risk with IP protection
Process invoices and pay contractors in 80+ countries
Attractive local benefit packages
Country-specific compliance
Automated, easy-to-use platform
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Hire international employees and let us handle local payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.

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Compliantly hire in 75+ countries
Onboard employees within 24-hours
Manage international payroll and taxes in 80+ countries
Attractive local benefit packages
Country-specific compliance
Automated, easy-to-use platform
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Our customers love the simplicity & support!

Teamed made it easy to grow globally. The ongoing support has been incredibly valuable!
Cameo Choquer
Operations Manager, Applied
Super efficient service with limited involvement on our end!
Kleodora Brahimi
HR Manager, Velez Managed Services
No hitches, all straight forward and without a hefty price tag!
Julia Mardell
Operations Director, Classic Folios

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

Once you’ve signed our Master Service Agreement, we’ll invite you to the Teamed platform. You can then onboard your teams in over 180 countries within 24h.

Can we pay invoices in crypto?

Yes, you can pay your invoices in Stablecoin (ESDC, EUROC) or any major fiat currencies. The choice is yours.

What does Teamed manage for me?

First and foremost we run global payroll to make sure your team get paid correctly and on time. We also provide multi-language employment contracts, manage the onboarding processes, offer employee benefits options worldwide, and ensure full in-country compliance.

What can I control as an employer?

You have full control over all parameters of the employment contract; however, you must adhere to all country-specific employment regulations provided to you by Teamed.

What benefits can you offer my employees?

We partner with hand-picked providers to offer benchmark benefits around the world providing you with access to the best employee benefits.

How does billing work?

You receive 1 invoice per month in the currency of your choice, for all the talent you employ around the world through the Teamed platform. You will not be charged any additional exchange fees.

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We care about every customer and employee.
150+ countries
Self-service platform
24-hour support
24-hour onboarding
1-1 local employee onboarding
Complete compliance
Pay invoices in crypto
other employers of record
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Scale at the cost of customer care & compliance.
150+ countries
Self-service platform
Often slow & unresponsive
Onboarding takes weeks or months
Sloppy compliance & legal issues
Sloppy compliance & legal issues
Crypto payment option not available
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